New directions and new work

The first two phases of Student Recruitment & Admissions (SR&A) activity within the Service Excellence Programme (SEP) have been completed successfully.

Moving forward, SR&A will continue to be closely aligned with the Service Excellence Programme, in particular with the Student Administration & Support programme (SA&S) where there are a number of inter-dependencies.

SR&A will continue to receive support from the Programme Management Office, but will now formally sit outside of SEP and progress prioritised actions from the Programme alongside business as usual operations.

In practice this means that work will vary in intensity across the remained of this year as operational imperatives for recruitment and admissions activities are recognised.

It also means that some SEP insights will be directly integrated into business as usual e.g. when clearer implementation guidance polices are reviewed.

As such, the work of the SR&A programme will remain a key priority to help address the strategic risks to the University’s ability to recruit the brightest and the best, and the Service Excellence Programme will focus on the HR, Finance and Student Administration sub-programmes and Core Systems replacement.

What’s next?

The detailed design work to improve the recruitment aspects of the website have begun following SR&A and SEP Board recommendation and endorsement, respectively.

We anticipate that a similar approach for enquiry management and recruitment communications will be considered during the next round of Board meetings.

Joining up the approach to these inter-related projects should deliver demonstrable improvements in how we provide information to applicants and improve our interactions with them.

Running the Programme

Lesley Middlemass and Emma Rowson have had their secondments with the Programme extended for one and two years respectively, with Emma in the role of Programme Manager and Lesley as Service Excellence Analyst.

The role of Programme Lead will be covered by Tracey Slaven with assistance from Lesley and Emma until Rebecca Gaukroger returns in early 2018.

Talk to us

The team is looking forward to your feedback as we move through the detailed design phase for the recruitment aspects of the website.

And don’t forget to register for the Service Excellence Programme Roadshows happening across the University in September.

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