HR Transformation Team Update

In order to bring everyone up to speed on the HR Transformation Programme, over the last two weeks Zoe and I have been out meeting with HR Teams, Directors of Professional Services and the Payroll and Pensions teams.

The focus for these sessions has been to update everyone on the work we’ve progressed and our plans for the next phase of the Programme.

These briefings have included:

  • A recap of what the University will achieve through the HR Transformation Programme and its strategic aims of: Delivering an improved experience for service users; increasing efficiency and effectiveness; refocusing resources to provide more strategic support; more simplified and standardised processes where possible; and improving the quality and accessibility of HR data
  • An introduction to what the changes being brought forward through  the HR Transformation Programme will mean for colleagues who deliver HR and related services
  • An overview of the approach being taken for the detailed design of the HR Operating Model over the next year, and how colleagues can get involved in this work.


Your Feedback

We’ve received a lot of thoughtful questions and comments from you through these briefings, many of which have helped to challenge our thinking and shape our approach to delivering the programme and communicating with you.

And we’ve tried to respond to all of your questions; those we’ve received from the sessions we’ve held, other direct contact with colleagues and via the anonymous feedback forms. You can find out more about that in the FAQ section of our website here.

This section will continue to be updated as we work through the Programme.


So what’s next?

The team has been focused on planning the next phase of activity – what workshops we’ll have, when they’ll happen and who might get involved in these.  From your feedback it’s been clear that we need to give you all as much advance notice as possible, and we’re committed to doing so.

We’re also recruiting new secondees to the team and adding more University-wide briefing sessions.

A high level overview of the next phase can be found here.

As we continue our efforts to paint a picture of what we’re trying to achieve with HR Transformation, and what it will mean for the people delivering these services and their customers, your feedback and input will be instrumental in helping us to make that happen.


Sad goodbyes

Finally, last week we waved a sad goodbye to Melissa Reid, who will be returning to her Senior HR Advisor role with Support Groups. Her contributions, drive and energy will be greatly missed.

Thank you all again and see you at the next session.

Martyn Peggie

HR Transformation Programme Lead

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