Finance Transformation: Who’s On Board?

The Finance Transformation Programme has had some big changes over the past month. We’ve moved to a new home in Argyle House where we’re now working alongside other Service Excellence Programme teams, and we’ve added some new members to our programme board.

We’ve asked colleagues from across the University to be part of our board so that a range of perspectives are represented – but what does a programme board actually do?

Name Job Title
Lee Hamill (Chair) Deputy Director of Finance
Karen Adamson Head of Estates Finance
Karen Bowman Director of Procurement
Michelle Brown Head of Social Responsibility and Sustainability Programmes
Gillian Cameron Deanery Finance Manager, Clinical Sciences
Ann Hunter Director of Professional Services, Business School
Ivor McArdle College Accountant, CMVM
Bridgeen McCloskey Director of Professional Services, Engineering
Libby McCue Senior Management Accountant, Information Services Group
Gavin McLachlan Chief Information Officer
Pat Tomlin Programme Development Director, Corporate Services Group
TBC Academic Staff Representative


The Board’s role is to oversee the Programme and ensure that it meets its aims of simplifying the University’s finance processes and making services more efficient and user-friendly. Everything the Finance Transformation Programme does has to be approved by the Board, and getting their approval isn’t simply a rubber stamp exercise. Our board members all work in areas that will be affected by the changes we propose, so they want to make sure that any work going ahead provides clear benefits and won’t cause problems for the people they work with.

Individual members of the board will also be appointed as sponsors for specific Finance Transformation projects, which means that they will take a personal role in directing those projects and keeping them moving forward. Project sponsors will continue their “day jobs” while carrying out this role, so they’ll be able to bring a user’s perspective and make sure that the team consults the right people when developing plans.

Sponsors (and the Finance Transformation team) will be starting work on the first projects very soon. You can find more information about our proposed projects in our Options Identification Report Summary.

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