Finance Transformation Programme Update

The Finance Transformation Team are now wrapping up the second phase of our work: the Options Identification phase. Over the past three months we’ve taken the issues that you raised and come up with a range of solutions, then held workshops to test these proposals with users. The feedback from these workshops helped us to select and refine the best options.

Over 200 colleagues, representing all three Colleges and the Support Groups, contributed in this phase, either by participating in workshops, attending meetings or talking with us. Their perspectives were essential in developing the solutions, and we’re grateful to everyone who gave up their time to take part.

We have now submitted our report to the Finance Transformation Board and are waiting for their recommendations. The report will then be delivered to the Service Excellence Board for approval to proceed to the Detailed Design phase. Solutions approved for detailed design will undergo planning and development, which will include further consultation with end users. Information on how you can get involved will be available shortly, so keep an eye on our website.

Read Garry Robertson’s presentation on our progress so far

If you would like more information about the Finance Transformation Programme, you can e-mail us on We would be happy to answer any questions you have, and can also attend department meetings to discuss the programme with a group.


  1. Hi Alyson. The open meeting today was really good and I’m glad you invited us to attend. Do you plan to publish the OBC summaries? I couldn’t find these, and would find it useful to have a closer look to see if we can adapt and run similar meetings in the future. Thanks.

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