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The Finance Transformation Team has started the new year in a new office! We’re now based in the old Parking Office, just off reception in Charles Stewart House. Working in the same building as many of our finance colleagues should be a huge advantage, and the new space allows our whole team to work together in one room. Visitors are welcome, so feel free to drop in and say hello.

This month we’ve also started a new phase of the project. Having finished collecting details of the issues with current finance processes, we’re now moving on to Options Identification, and will spend the next few months working on potential solutions. As part of this we’re holding another series of workshops to get input from users, and will also meet with key stakeholders individually.


Options Identification Workshops

Workshop Title Date
Internal Transfers 16/01/2017
Stores 18/01/2017
Financial Planning – Annual Process 20/01/2017
Capital Programmes & Budgeting 24/01/2017
Treasury 25/01/2017
Statutory Reporting 30/01/2017
Sales and Payment Strategy 31/01/2017
Purchasing 01/02/2017
Research Grants 02/02/2017
Salary Forecasting 03/02/2017
Asset Management 06/02/2017
Reporting 10/02/2017
Delegated Authority System 10/02/2017

The workshop process is designed to work with small groups, and we want to make sure that workshop groups include colleagues from a range of different Schools, Colleges and Support Groups, so we’ve decided to invite participants rather than ask people to sign up.

While we can’t invite everyone to a workshop, there are other ways to find out about the programme and share your views with us. Members of the Finance Transformation Team can attend a meeting in your School or department – just e-mail to arrange a date and time.

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